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KALYAN 03:45 PM to 05:45 PM
TIME BAZAR 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM
MILAN DAY 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM
MILAN NIGHT 09:00 PM to 11:00 PM
NIGHT TIME BAZAR 08:35 PM to 10:35 PM


03:10 PM - 05:10 PM


11:20 AM - 12:20 PM


12:35 PM - 01:35 PM


07:30 AM - 08:30 AM


10:15 AM - 11:15 AM


11:35 AM - 12:35 PM


11:40 AM - 12:40 PM


01:05 PM - 02:05 PM


03:05 PM - 05:20 PM


03:05 PM - 05:05 PM


03:55 PM - 05:55 PM


07:10 PM - 08:10 PM


07:30 PM - 08:30 PM


09:05 PM - 11:05 PM


08:35 PM - 10:35 PM


09:35 PM - 11:50 PM


11:00 AM - 12:02 PM


09:50 PM - 12:10 AM


08:30 PM - 10:30 PM


09:30 AM - 10:30 AM


10:45 AM - 11:45 AM


02:15 AM - 02:15 AM


02:40 PM - 04:40 PM


06:30 PM - 07:30 PM


02:55 PM - 04:40 PM


09:40 PM - 11:40 PM


11:10 AM - 12:10 PM


08:30 PM - 10:30 PM


06:10 AM - 08:10 AM


01:10 PM - 02:40 PM


01:35 PM - 02:35 PM


11:35 AM - 01:35 PM


03:05 AM - 05:05 AM


02:05 AM - 04:05 AM


03:35 PM - 05:35 PM


09:35 PM - 12:10 AM


01:05 AM - 03:15 AM


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


01:30 PM - 02:30 PM


08:30 PM - 10:30 PM


08:00 PM - 09:00 PM


12:35 PM - 02:35 PM


06:45 PM - 07:45 PM


08:35 PM - 10:35 PM


08:30 PM - 10:30 PM


09:55 PM - 12:05 AM


09:35 PM - 11:35 PM


05:05 AM - 06:05 AM


01:10 AM - 01:05 AM


01:30 PM - 02:30 PM


07:05 PM - 08:05 PM


09:05 AM - 10:05 AM


09:05 AM - 10:05 AM


08:35 PM - 10:35 PM


07:05 AM - 08:05 AM


07:15 AM - 08:15 AM


09:15 AM - 11:15 AM


01:35 AM - 02:35 AM


07:15 PM - 08:15 PM


08:20 AM - 09:20 AM


11:20 AM - 12:20 PM


07:45 AM - 08:45 AM


01:15 PM - 03:15 PM


07:05 AM - 08:05 AM


02:10 AM - 03:10 AM


02:10 AM - 04:10 AM


02:10 AM - 03:10 AM


02:05 AM - 03:05 AM


03:15 AM - 04:15 AM


03:10 AM - 04:10 AM


05:05 AM - 06:05 AM


04:10 AM - 05:10 AM


05:05 AM - 06:05 AM


06:05 AM - 07:05 AM


06:00 AM - 07:00 AM


10:45 AM - 11:45 AM


05:15 AM - 07:15 AM


04:10 AM - 05:10 AM


02:10 AM - 03:10 AM


06:30 AM - 07:30 AM


04:05 AM - 05:05 AM


01:30 PM - 02:30 PM


01:15 AM - 02:30 AM


02:05 AM - 03:05 AM


04:05 AM - 05:05 AM


05:30 AM - 06:30 AM


04:10 AM - 04:35 AM


03:10 AM - 03:25 AM


06:30 AM - 07:30 AM


01:05 AM - 01:10 AM


01:05 AM - 02:05 AM


02:10 AM - 02:15 AM


01:15 PM - 02:15 PM


02:10 AM - 02:15 AM


03:05 AM - 04:05 AM


02:10 AM - 03:10 AM


02:10 AM - 03:10 AM


03:05 AM - 02:05 AM


02:10 AM - 03:10 AM


03:10 AM - 03:10 AM


01:10 AM - 02:20 AM

777 DPBOSS 143

03:10 AM - 04:10 AM


03:10 AM - 04:10 AM


01:20 AM - 02:25 AM


02:40 AM - 02:45 AM


04:25 AM - 05:25 AM


02:50 AM - 02:55 AM


06:00 AM - 07:00 AM


06:00 AM - 07:00 AM


02:10 AM - 02:15 AM


01:05 AM - 02:05 AM


01:05 AM - 02:05 AM


02:10 AM - 03:10 AM


01:05 AM - 02:05 AM


02:05 AM - 02:10 AM


01:10 AM - 02:15 AM


01:05 AM - 02:05 AM


Time Result Time Result
09:05 AM 457-6
10:05 AM 790-6
11:05 AM 113-5
12:05 PM 444-2
01:05 PM 180-9
02:05 PM 278-7
03:05 PM 139-3
04:05 PM 990-8
05:05 PM 366-5
06:05 PM 289-9
07:05 PM 340-7
08:05 PM 257-4


Time Result Time Result
10:10 AM 230-5
11:10 AM 134-8
12:10 PM 118-0
01:10 PM 190-0
02:10 PM 700-7
03:10 PM 360-9
04:10 PM 149-4
05:10 PM 589-2
06:10 PM 124-7
07:10 PM 890-7


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Weekly Panel Or Patti Chart From 11-03-2024 To 17-03-2024 For Kalyan, Milan, Kalyan Night, Rajdhani Night, Time Bazar, Main Bazar Market

0 =>145 479 244 334 677

1 =>236 560 116 344 669

2 =>147 589 336 499 688

3 =>139 256 337 445 779

4 =>347 680 266 338 455

5 =>168 267 177 339 889

6 =>268 367 277 466 600

7 =>160 359 377 449 566

8 =>134 378 224 477 800

9 =>379 469 199 388 667

Weekly Jodi Chart From 11-03-2024 To 17-03-2024 For Kalyan, Milan, Kalyan Night, Rajdhani Night, Time Bazar, Main Bazar Market

85 84 36 39

62 65 14 17

52 53 01 04

41 47 92 96

74 71 25 28

03 07 73 76

Weekly Number Open Or Close From 11-03-2024 To 17-03-2024 For Kalyan, Milan, Kalyan Night, Rajdhani Night, Time Bazar, Main Bazar Market

Mon. =>2-5-6-8

Tues. =>0-3-4-7

Wed. =>3-4-6-9

Thur. =>1-4-6-7

Fri. =>5-6-8-9

Sat. =>0-6-7-8

Sun. =>2-5-6-9

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Ans: Matka most renowned game that has been played all around the world in different types some are valid and some are prohibited but all of us know that these games are number-based game in coping in actual money.

Ans: There are various kinds of matka games such as kalyan matka, milan matka, Rajdhani Matka, Madhur matka, and many are there but those four would be the most well-known kind of Dpboss Matka game. Every type is having its timing of result launching event, and using different benefits, as well as also the Dpboss Matka record graph. The consumer can play one or more one of these games from anyplace to increase flexibility level of this Dpboss Matka game. The results of each form are gathered in its record graph and handled as a distinct game from one another.

Ans: Matka Can be obtained by obtaining the perfect quote of matka teachers and dpboss. You're able to play safely by playing with 3 or 4 digits daily and find these specimens from our website we distribute on our totally free game page.

Ans: Matka began 50 decades back on 2nd April 1962 with a Gujarati businessman Kalyanji Bhagat below the title of Worli Matka out of his residence. Ratan Khatri was functioning, who abandoned the Kalyanji to start his very own matka. He began Main Bazar matka with a few changes and struck another matka markets shortly.

Ans: Single: The one-digit ranging from 0-9 for gambling. For instance 1. Jodi/Pair: Any set of 2 digits between 00 and 99 entails matka such as 63 or 84 etc.. Patti/Panna: A three-digit outcome comes as a gambling result. All three-digit amount is Patti/Panna. Just restricted 3 digit numbers are utilized.


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Casinos and Poker games are one of the most played and top-rated games being played by people worldwide for a long time as a gambling source of income. The game falls under two categories of people who play it as a source of income, and as a source of entertainment.


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Gambling is predominant / widespread in India. The amount of gambling increases drastically during the festivals of India as people gather together at night as there are holidays for one or two days, so they can spend friendly time. Satta King plays both offline and online. Satta King is also known as Dpboss Matka.


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Are you willing to play Kalyan Matka online and want to make a fortune from it, you're on the right site. DPBOSSNET is best and most popular Matka web page. Our motto is to offer our customer a simple gaming experience. DPBOSS website has a very simple GUI that any layman can easily access it. Our experts ensure that every customer get's the correct details about the game. Not only that, there is the latest Dpboss Matka chart showing live results from all markets of Dpboss Matka.


Casinos and Poker games are one of the most played and top-rated games being played by people worldwide for a long time as a gambling source of income. The game falls under two categories of people who play it as a source of income, and as a source of entertainment.


The Satta is a kind of game played between two individuals or group of individuals. At some point, you must have played Rummy, but if you've played Rummy for fun, it's not called Satta. But if you're playing Rummy with money, it's called a kind of bet. When we speak in plain language, Satta is called playing any game with money.


Gambling is predominant / widespread in India. The amount of gambling increases drastically during the festivals of India as people gather together at night as there are holidays for one or two days, so they can spend friendly time. Satta King plays both offline and online. Satta King is also known as Dpboss Matka.


Do you know how to learn more about real money by spending your time and energy playing and investing? For them, the Dpboss Matka is not a new fiction. It started long ago, and people today value it on electronic globes. Matka India is an exciting part of the game where you need to choose Jodi extensively to win the sport.


There are some instructions for playing this game.

On the internet, players can play Dpboss Matka. All you need to do to invest money is to choose a DPBOSS platform, and you can trust it. However, choosing a reputable site is essential because people should not endanger their money.

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When playing Matka at Dp boss, you can get immediate results. Reliable and immediate results make it worth playing the game.

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Dpboss Matka contains many other varieties. People want a single game with multiple options. DPBOSS offers a wide range of options that allow people to choose the game they are interested in.

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What is Dpboss Matka?

In early fifties, Dpboss Matka was popular with the name 'Ankada Jugar'. However, by the time it evolved and became the Dpboss Matka of today. Dpboss Matka or Satta king is a type of gambling (lottery game) where random numbers are used for betting.

Origin of Matka Games:

Kalyan Dpboss Matka was started in somewhere around 1950. The people then used to place bets on the opening and closing rate of cotton. The practice made its way to the Bombay Cotton Exchange right from the New York Cotton Exchange, via teleprinters. When the New York Cotton Exchange stopped the practice in 1961, gamblers/punters started using pieces of paper to keep this gambling business alive. In Dpboss Matka gambling numbers from 0-9 are written on pieces of paper. The papers are then placed into a matka. Now an individual is assigned the task to pick a piece of paper from the matka and read out the winning numbers. The practice is quite evolved now. In Dpboss Matka offline three numbers are drawn from a pack of cards to announce the winner. The Dpboss Matka gambling grew at scale during 1980s and 1990s. Betting volumes touched to Rs 50 crore-range every month during that period. Over the years we have seen a speedy sift in the way Satta Matka played. Instead of using piece of paper, winning numbers are randomly generated now. There are many websites available that are making Dpboss Matka participation an easygoing affair. People interested in Dpboss Matka is are now using these websites to play game and win money.

Types of Dpboss Matka games

Kalyan Matka and Kalyan Night DPBOSS Matka are currently two most popular Dpboss Matka games. The Kalyan Night Matka runs from Monday to Friday, while the Kalyan Matka is played on 6 days of a week.

We are the most popular online Dpboss Matka Website that provides the quick Dpboss Matka Result and Satta Number. Be in touch with our website for fastest Kalyan Matka or Dpboss Matka Tips. We are giving you an opportunity to become a Satta King using Our Online Dpboss Matka Result.

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